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Turning Into

The very beginning of what it felt like making art. The decade long trek of learning what it is to take responsibility for my life. My experiences of putting my art out there and choosing/ utilizing a platform to sell it. Read More

2021 Review - Art Biz + A Course in Miracles

Here is my 2021 in review. I highly doubt many people care to read all of this but writing it was catharic and taught me so much about what the...

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What it feels like to launch a collection (not what it looks like.)

(Social media and captions just don't portray this whole part very well, so I’m laying it out here like this.)  Read More

How To Price Your Art (And other Fables)

18 months ago I couldn’t do anything that made up the ability to sell my own art. The only thing I knew how to do was make the art -...

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Fuck Ups

As it happens you can’t mix acrylic paint with resin. It won’t set. In 2016 I didn’t know that, let alone what “won’t set” would even entail. I remember with total clarity the moment two of the biggest canvases I’d ever made or used resin on were done. I believed I had “completed” two 48x36 paintings.  Read More

Shipping Hacks

The very first time I was commissioned to create a custom 48x48 canvas I was almost hyperventilating. Actually, I was. I remember my husband Kevin going to get my inhaler. I was so overcome with gratitude and excitement that someone would buy a piece of my art that large for their home, who cared about maintaining oxygen? What about shipping the art? Who cared.  Read More
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