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Welcome to my studio.

Thank you for landing in this space. My name is Heather James Pond. I am a San Diego based, self taught artist that fell in love with making “glitter pictures” around turning two years old. In 2010 I set out on the path of healing my body, mind and spirit from active addiction and the trauma that goes along with that. I started painting every day as a way to process everything I had experienced. A way to tell the stories I didn’t have language or words for. My friends started hanging my art on their walls 4 years later. In 2020 when I lost my job due to the pandemic I was finally ready to walk through the fear of putting my art up for sale. Since 2020 I have sold around 300 paintings. Today my paintings live amongst families, often as a part of the family, as radiant centerpieces within their homes- worldwide. I paint light, vibration, and frequency at every extreme. To me each paintings is a shape shifter, an angel, a message, a prayer. My paintings represent the vision of feelings, a portrait of the cosmic subconscious that is meant to comfort, heal and inspire. I was a writer first so every painting also has a story that goes along with it. A relatable story that my collectors can identify with and attach to, not an abstract concept up for debate. Hope you get comfy & take a good long look around through my portfolio. Thank you again for caring about my work.





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