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How do I get a custom painting?

*Prices listed on these commissions vary, as my prices have gone steadily up since June of 2020 when I started selling my work.
I am also happy to discuss payment plans that are available.*

Every time I am contacted to create a custom commission for a collector it's like an out-of-body experience. It is with the customs for me that I know I can use all of my talents for a maximum impact - my ability to see the best in others and what their forcefield contributes to the world and those close, my ability to write, to channel, and to read clearly what is unique about the collector or their family, friend or whomever the painting is for.

I have always believed that the only thing that sets us apart from every other person or experience in this set of questions - What did I give? To whom? How did it make them feel?

First, we will talk about size. Next color palette and any colors specifically you would like included or excluded. After that, we go through pricing. From our first interaction, I begin to gather information about what is most important to you. What kind of movement you carry with you, the dynamic of the couple or family I am painting. Arranging who fits where and how. Every single relationship has a pulse. That read will create the movement of the piece.

I request 50% of the total cost when we agree to move forward with the work. The following half will be requested once the work is complete and you have a tracking number. I include all packing and shipping in my quotes. For customs, I request payment through Venmo or Zelle, whichever you prefer.

When everything is ready I will pull the final pallet and send you a photograph of all of the paint and materials so that you can approve the colors.

Once the art is sealed (I epoxy resin coat everything unless requested otherwise.) I will meditate with the painting at length and write the story of the painting and how it relates specifically to you. It's kind of something you have to see and feel to believe. I have included numerous examples below to get a feel for that flow.

I will always share the painting with you before packing her up to mail unless otherwise requested. Really it's way more fun to open if you haven't seen it yet but it's up to you. There is no greater thrill or feeling of accomplishment for me as an artist than my work hanging in the center of a family's home as if the painting herself is a part of their family and space as well.

My custom commissions, created for your family about your family or friends, become priceless family heirlooms that will be passed down through generations.

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